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How are you open?!

I just thought I would write a little explanation for why I am able to open despite the latest government guidelines.

The government guidelines originally stated that “massage parlours” have to remain closed – this has now been updated to “sport and massage therapists”.

Although very similar in techniques used, I am not a sport or massage therapist. I am a Graduate Sports Rehabilitator (GSR).

Unfortunately for all the well-trained and perfectly qualified therapists, a sport/massage therapist is not a protected title. You can complete a 6-week course and call yourself anything you like (other than physio or GSR), it cannot be regulated - hence why the government have stopped them from opening at this stage.

My title is protected (GSR BASRAT reg) and I am accredited by BASRaT (British Association of Sport Rehabilitators). I achieved this by doing a 3-year Bachelors Degree.

BASRaT is recognised as a healthcare occupation by the Professional Standards Authority in Health and Social Care (PSA). BASRaT Registrants are recognised by the PSA as healthcare practitioners and there are currently no government guidelines requesting healthcare practices to close.

I also have confirmation that my insurance (Graybrook Hallam) is still perfectly valid.

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