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Firstly, what actually is it?

Your Iliotibial Band is a thick bunch of fibres that runs from the outside of your hip to the outside of your knee. This can become too tight and cause pain and swelling in the insertion. It is the second most common knee injury and boy has that ever been more prevalent than after lockdown?! ITBS is an overuse injury which is super common in runners (hence the nickname runners knee). With gyms across the country on lockdown a LOT of people turned to running and cycling to keep fit and with a gung-ho attitude - injuries can happen.

Why me?

> Too much - too quickly = overuse

> Inadequate warm up/cool down

> Biomechanical differences

> Incorrect footwear


ITBS is most commonly felt as lateral (outside) knee pain however this can sometimes radiate along the length of the ITB and present as hip/thigh pain.


Subjective assessment is usually enough to get an idea of what could be happening but palpation of the ITB and the OBER's test is used to confirm this.

What we can do: Hands on Treatment

At LHRehab we use a combination of massage techniques and acupuncture to relieve the pain & get you moving again! We recently treated our sponsored athlete @duathlete.pete for ITBS and after just two sessions he went on to run 10k pain free & intervals on a treadmill.

What you need to do:

> (Sorry in advance) Keep away from the activity that is causing the pain - aka - REST

> Modify the activity/exercises you are doing

> ICE - it can be used as both a pain reliever and to alter blood flow (Great when aggravated or in the initial stages of injury)

> Foam Roll - although this is hard work and a little painful it definitely has its benefits. I recommend staying away from the actual ITB due to it being uncomfortable but good places to roll are: Glutes, Hamstrings, Tensor Fascia Latae/TFL (Top outside thigh) and Quads.

Top 5 Exercises for ITBS:

> Glute Bridge (Can add in a Tband for progression)

> Side lying abduction

> Clams

> Crab Walks

> Hip Hikes

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