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I listened to a reaaalllyyy good podcast recently on the science behind pain & I am going to (try) to explain it here.

You may have heard a common saying that "all pain comes from the brain" which is true - your brain tells you that something is wrong & pain is a mechanism it uses to prevent further damage. A really good example of this is Phantom Limb Pain - where even after you have lost a limb - the pain remains.

According to neuroscience; pain is BOTH physical & emotional 100% of the time. Just to break that down a little more, it means the emotions you feel, affect your pain, 100% of the time.

Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Anger - amplify your pain.

We need to remove the psychological stigma around pain - you're not "crazy" if there isn't a physical diagnosis to explain your pain.

So what happens when that pain becomes chronic? Orrr it's something like fibromyalgia or complex regional pain syndrome?

The best thing about knowing pain originates from the brain... is finding out the CONTROL you have.

So earlier I stated that negative feelings (depression, anxiety, anger etc) can aggravate your pain... try switching that around.

If you start to think positively, think happy, swear, laugh, release the emotion (I appreciate this is easier said than done - but give it a go!) & change your attention to something else - your pain WILL reduce.

If you're suffering with chronic pain - find someone trained in cognitive behavioural therapy & biofeedback - it'll help, I promise.

Obviously this post is a very quick insight into pain management - if any of it resonated with you - please listen to the original podcast = ZDoggMD - Chronic pain truth (YouTube).

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