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Reflecting on 2021.....

"As 2020 is drawing to a close and the last official day in clinic is DONE, I wanted to take the opportunity to reflect - as I am sure many of you are doing. We all know this year has not been the easiest..."

Reading the blog I wrote this time last year actually brought a little tear to my eye. 2020 was HARD. I still can't believe how much support I received and how many people rallied around to keep my little business afloat. Another thing I can't quite get my head around is how much that first paragraph relates to this year too. The crazy reality that COVID-19 is still hanging around and still as strong as ever. I am actually sitting here writing this on day 2 of isolation - meaning the Christmas we planned will not be happening - but hey.. more time for admin right? I was actually more gutted that I had my last day in clinic for the year and didn't even know it. No Christmas music or Christmas jumper... all your choccies still ready to be given out. On the bright side, both Ben & I are still feeling absolutely fine so fingers crossed it stays that way.

It's true that you don't appreciate how far you have come until you look back.

Around this time last year I was celebrating reaching 100 clients & introducing a card machine - things that feel very small in comparison to achievements this year.

My goal for 2021 was to improve on my knowledge - which I definitely made start on:

  • Mobilisation & Manipulation course

  • Vital Nerves course

  • Vital Cervical spine course

  • Renewed First Aid course

  • Vital Hip Online (nearrrlyyy finished)

Other changes in clinic:

  • Introduction of an online booking system

  • Introduction of IASTM with RockBlades

  • Introduction of Cupping with RockPods

  • Introduction of Percussion Massage with THERAGUN

  • Better social media content

I am so proud of how much my little business has grown this year. We now have a client base of nearly 300 people, over 50 five star reviews on our google page and we have been fully booked for weeks on more than one occasion! I cannot thank you all enough for supporting me - especially in these weird times.

We are making some huge changes as we move into 2022.. we will now by open 5 days a week as we are lucky enough to be welcoming a NEW TEAM MEMBER!


Qualifications and Specialisations: - 1st Class Sports Rehabilitation Degree (BaSRaT Representative) - Sports Massage - Kinesiology and Structural Taping

- Acupuncture (Pending) - Level 2 Fitness Instructor - Level 3 Personal Trainer (RePS Accredited) - Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Coach

Ben has been helping out with a couple of clients behind the scenes with some very good feedback and has treated me for nearly a year. I honestly cannot speak highly enough of him & I am so so excited to have him onboard! He will be here THURSDAYS 8.30-4 in the new year.

I hope you all give him a lovely warm welcome and are as happy with your treatment as I always am.

We are running a 10% discount for all sessions with Ben in January to help build his client base. I cannot wait to receive all your lovely feedback.

That leaves our opening times as follows with all appointments now open to book online:

Monday: 10-8

Tuesday: 7.30-6

Wednesday: 10-8

Thursday: 8.30-4 (with Ben)

Friday: 7.30-1

I want to take this opportunity to thank you again for all the support you have shown me - recently with isolation - and over the years. I hope you all have the most wonderful Christmas and New Year with your loved ones.

Here's to a MEGA 2022 on both a business and personal level (LET ME GET MARRIED PLS COVID).

Lydia, Ben & Fred <3

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